Deacons Partners in Ministry and Growth

LEADER KIT with DVDs + reproducible workbook and leader guide (sent immediately VIA email) + online streaming


Deacons Partners in Ministry and Growth – A Comprehensive Christian Discipleship Program

Deacon Training

The journey of faith and leadership in the church is a profound and rewarding path. “Deacons Partners in Ministry and Growth,” a standout Christian Discipleship Program offered by Sampson Resources, is specifically designed to guide and empower those in deacon training and church leadership roles. This program is a cornerstone for those seeking to deepen their involvement in church leadership development, offering a wealth of knowledge and skills essential for effective ministry and personal spiritual growth.

Content and Structure

This comprehensive program includes six in-depth 20-minute lessons and twelve engaging 5-minute micro messages, all available in a user-friendly DVD kit and streaming. To enhance learning and application, the program comes with a reproducible workbook and a facilitator guide sent via email, perfect for those involved in spiritual growth and education.

Key Lessons

1. **Partners in Purpose and Calling**: Delving into the Biblical origins of Deacon Ministry, this lesson lays a foundational understanding crucial for anyone undergoing deacon training. 2. **Partners in Following Christ**: Focusing on the Biblical qualifications for Deacons, this session is a key part of the program’s biblical teaching for deacons, ensuring alignment with Christ’s teachings. 3. **Partners in Ministry to People in Need**: A hands-on approach to ministering to community needs, emphasizing practical service – a core aspect of church leadership development. 4. **Partners in Ministry to the Pastor and Staff**: This lesson underscores the importance of supporting pastoral leadership, a vital skill in effective church governance. 5. **Partners in Spiritual Growth**: Encouraging personal development in faith, this lesson is central to spiritual growth and education. 6. **Partners in Growing the Church**: Discussing the role of deacons in church expansion, this lesson is crucial for those in deacon training, focusing on outreach and community building.

Target Audience

This program is tailored not just for new believers but also for seasoned Christians and church leaders. It’s an ideal resource for those involved in Christian discipleship programs, church leadership development, and anyone seeking a structured approach to deepen their faith and leadership skills.

Church Leadership

“Deacons Partners in Ministry and Growth” is more than a training program; it’s a transformative journey that equips church leaders to be effective in their calling. By participating in this program, deacons and church leaders can significantly contribute to the spiritual vitality and growth of their congregations, embodying the principles of Christian discipleship and effective church leadership. For further enrichment in your journey of church leadership and service, explore our other comprehensive deacon training resources: “The Deacon I Want to Be” and “DEACONS: Growing in Commitment & Character”, each designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your role in ministry. Go to today to find more information!